Overview and About the Team 

Purdue Crew represent the highest ideals of being both a college student and college athlete. The team yearly posts one of the highest GPA averages of any club or sports team on campus, while bringing home medals and trophies from the largest regattas across the nation. The team is made up of a healthy mix of both experienced high school rowers and walk-on athletes new to the sport. And as a high-achieving club sport, the students on the team are responsible for much of its management with the 13 elected student executive board members working closely with the professional coaching staff to manage much of the team and its fundraising including but not limited to the team's Rent-A-Rowers, Feast of the Hunter's Moon setup/cleanup, and Row-a-thon. Additionally, each crew member pays $141/month in dues and for any additional special trips including Spring Break Training, the San Diego Crew Classic, the Head of the Charles, or on exceptional years, a trip to England to race at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta. To ensure the Purdue Crew experience isn't financially inaccessible and is available to all, an alumni endowment exists to offset costs for those in the greatest need. All of these leadership, fundraising, and participation costs are fulfilled by the team just so each member of Purdue Crew has the opportunity to practice 6 days-a-week, put in extra workouts, and compete to be the next generation of Purdue Crew National Champions. It's an intense, transformative experience that produces the most impressive young men and women you'll ever meet.

If you're in or soon to be in college, consider joining our remarkable legacy. If you've graduated and are a parent, alumni, or friend of the program, join us at our reunion events or regattas to cheer on the current generation of Boilermakers, and consider contributing to the team's endowment to ensure our future is ever brighter!

Season Highlights