Bald Eagle Results

Purdue Crew did not need to travel far for its second race of the fall season. A short hour bus ride away from Purdue’s Campus, Eagle Creek Park, in Indianapolis, was the venue for the head race. The Bald Eagle Invitational attracted many competitive teams from around the country, with teams representing Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, Northwestern, Ohio State, Minnesota, Marquette, IUPUI, Adrian, Butler, Dayton, and Grand Valley. Although the conditions were not excellent, with the weather cold and water often choppy, our Boilermakers persevered and put their best foot forward.

All four squads performed well at the Bald Eagle Invitational. The Varsity Women earned gold in the Eight B and Four B races, and finished second in the Eight A race. The Novice Women finished third in the Eight A, and took first and second in the B Eight event. On the men’s side, the Novice earned second in the Eight B event, and fourth in the Eight A race. The Varsity men placed fourth in the Eight A, third in the Eight B, and second in the Eight C races. The team is pleased with their display of depth against these competitive teams. This regatta concludes the fall season, and Purdue Crew has now started its winter conditioning in preparation for spring racing. We are excited to have an extremely productive winter and get faster from top to bottom.