Shell Christening


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Christening a new shell is always an exciting time for the crew, but Nov. 2 at the Bald Eagle Regatta was particularly special.  Approximately forty of the 1980’s crew were in attendance to honor former head coaches from 1978-1986, Kevin Sauer and Barb Sauer both of seventy-seven. They  were in attendance to be presented with the bow of the Megan Rose, retired after having been in service since 1986. 

The fundraising organizers, Paul Johnson, Kevin Kiser, and Larry Gough and Coach Kucik surprised the spectators when they asked Kevin and Barb to reveal the name of the new shell to reveal it to be named the Megan Rose.  Then they had the honors to christen the shell with Wabash water.  The Megan Rose, named for Kevin and Barb’s daughter who died at age 1, can continue her path along the Wabash, carrying on her tradition of excellence. 

Thank you to the Alumni who sponsored the shell. Thank you to the rowers who proudly took the new Megan Rose out for her first race, and Kevin and Barb for their support as the Purdue Crew carries on Megan Rose’s memory.  To others who attended, including Mike Warren, Director of Recreation and Wellness, to the parents’ club who provided the food.  Lastly, thank you to those who have supported the crew for so many years.  We look forward to future gatherings, including the seventieth anniversary celebration upcoming in fall 2020.

Purdue Crew carries a long tradition of being one of the largest and most successful clubs on campus. Both the mens’ and womens’ crews have consistently shown outstanding diligence, determination, and competitiveness in one of the oldest collegiate sports.