Novice Men Winter Training

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Novice Men’s squad pushes to make the most of their time in indoor training and hopes to see their hard work turn into results as they make their return to the water.

The Novice Men took to training over break like never before. After taking home Ergs, they persisted to log over 2.2 million meters, and that number barely scratches at the surface of all that they have accomplished. The squad logged an additional 255 hours of cardio, spent over 130 hours in the gym lifting and completed over 73 thousand calisthenic exercises with the following leading categories: 21K squats, 16K sit-ups and 13K pushups. To top it off, they finished over 4.5 days worth of core exercises and stretching.

The return to the water cannot come soon enough as the Novice Men’s team eagerly awaits the opportunity to put their hard work to the test.