Purdue Rowing Association (PRA) Updates

The PRA has been busy in 2020 establishing a Strategic Plan, updating By-Laws, capturing our verbal history through interviews of our previous coaches, and preparing for our 70th Anniversary celebration.  In addition, we’re working more closely with Recreation & Wellness and the larger Purdue community as we all navigate the many changes and challenges of Purdue safely returning students to campus amid Covid-19.  

Our 70th Anniversary Celebration plans for taking shape for the weekend of October 3rd led by Chris Becker, Vice President and Viv Clemmons, Events Team, so please save the date!  We look forward to honoring YOU-our Alumni and Friends and welcome our newly minted alumni and Purdue graduates.  We’re also looking forward to providing an unveiling of a special historical project based off of Bill Butler’s “Dream” idea and led by our Historian, Melanie Parks-see “Alumni Spotlight,”.

Our Strategic Plan is being finalized and will be posted in June, noting we have set short-term goals for the next 5 years as well as long term goals looking forward 20 years in order to provide a solid foundation for crew support as well as networking opportunities for you. 

A special thanks goes out to the coaches who have provided us with their valuable time as we record the history of the crew and learned so many interesting things from your stories! 

In addition, a “Thank You” goes out to our Executive Team: Coach Kucik, Chris Becker, Vice President; Ian Burns, Secretary; Mark Bucherl, Communications; Melanie Parks, Historian; and Viv Clemmons, Events.  Your hard work, forward thinking and engagement is helping to set the stage for the future of the PRA. 


Ellen Shew Holland, President