Senior Spotlights

The Purdue Crew Class of 2020 will always be remembered as a special group of athletes, teammates, and friends, not for the unfortunate and abrupt ending to their senior year, but for the years of dedication, hard work, and camaraderie they each contributed.  Without a doubt, they have shaped this team for the better.  We are so incredibly proud of each of our 17 seniors, who brought so much energy and heart to the boathouse each and every day.  We know their attitudes and work ethic will take them so far, and we cannot wait to hear of each of their successes in the future.  The distinguished class of 2020 is listed below.

Varsity Men Class of 2020:

  1. Liam Connery – Computer Science
  2. Forrest Dipert – Biomedical Engineering 
  3. Alan Doran – Nuclear Engineering
  4. Milo Green – Aerospace Engineering
  5. Henri LaLiberte – Organizational and Strategic Management
  6. Shan Patel – Aerospace Engineering
  7. Dan Rice – Mechanical Engineering
  8. Jack Siwajek – Materials Science Engineering
  9. Nick Taylor – Mechanical Engineering
  10. Nick Trevino – Mechanical Engineering
  11. Michael Van der Merwe – Electrical Engineering

Varsity Women Class of 2020:

  1. Jillian Grantz – Biology 
  2. Megan Hofstetter – Biomedical Engineering
  3. Jean Hu – Elementary Education
  4. Caitlin Kraft – Crop and Soil Management
  5. Bradie Lee – Civil Engineering
  6. Marley Suda – Planetary Science

We want to wholeheartedly congratulate each of our seniors on their accomplishments at Purdue and as members of this team.  We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!  If you would like to read more about each of our talented, graduating seniors, please view the Senior Spotlights tab via the Purdue Crew website: