Purdue Crew 70th Anniversary Zoom Meetup, Oct 24 at 1 PM EST

On Saturday, October 24th, dozens of Purdue Crew alumni will gather to celebrate 70 years of blades plying the Wabash, training for races on distant rivers and lakes. While many smaller gatherings have been planned and had in Lafayette over the years to reunite with boat-mates and swap stories, old and new, this year a global pandemic has provided a unique circumstance of experience and opportunity to reach far beyond physical distances. 

The Purdue Rowing Association invites all who know the feel of gold and black blades surging shells forward to come to a virtual meetup. For current rowers, it’s a chance to hear what rowing still means to those who rowed before. For alumni, it is the remembrance of what was instilled in this magnificent sport of rowing, in training fatigue and race pain, defeat and glory, and all the uniquely crew-ways we shared these experiences with each other, as teams, year after year.

Purdue Boiler Rower Meetup October 24th, 1-3 PM EST