Continuing Toward A Championship

Coach Jason Mitchell perspective

The Fall season has been a bit different than normal but Purdue Crew is still thriving and pushing to be ready when the time comes.  With 121 athletes wanting daily workouts, the boathouse opens its doors at 6:45AM and the lights go out at 8:00PM.  In this time frame, as coaches, we are covering 4-6 90min workouts each day.  Every hour of every day there are student athletes bringing their energy to the boathouse and inspiring each other to continue to push, especially in these uncertain times.  With the Varsity groups having an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of a National Championship, they are in better condition than ever due to the land-based training.

The return to Purdue Crew has been different in many ways for our student athletes.  Following guidelines from Protect Purdue, practice looks much different this semester.  All workouts have moved outside, onto the apron in front of each boat bay.  Each squad has 10 ergs available in their designated space.  This helps us manage proper distancing and de-densifying the number of athletes at the boathouse at a given time.  Extensive cleaning/disinfecting procedures have been implemented before and after each workout.  It has been the drive and determination to continue training that has allowed everyone to adapt to the new procedures. 

Our biggest recent achievement was approval to put our training barge (picture included) on the water so the freshman class could finally get their first strokes on the water.  Currently the Novice Men and Novice Women are sharing time on the barge while we actually build a 2nd barge unit.  Even with alternating days on the barge, the Novice groups are still covering well over 4k on the water each day.  It has only been a few days but it has truly revitalized the excitement of being a part of Purdue Crew.  Next we are hoping for permission to get team boats on the water for the varsities.