Alumni Spotlight (Forrest Dipert)

Hello! I’m Forrest Dipert, and I’ll be stepping into the Novice Men’s coach position this spring semester. I originally hail from West Springfield, Virginia, where I rowed for four years and where my love for rowing first sprouted. I’m certainly more of a ‘novice’ coach, but I’m by no means unfamiliar with this program and its incredible culture, as I rowed for Purdue the past four years under Dave Kucik’s tutelage. I’m currently in my final semester studying Biomedical Engineering, emphasizing biomaterials and clinical study design. This is my fifth year at Purdue. I had the fantastic opportunity to advance my professional career as I took two semesters off classes to take work as an engineer with a medical device engineering firm right off of Purdue’s campus. During this time, I was still able to compete and race with the program while working full time (living the dream, am I right!).

While competing for Purdue, my love for the sport and this program has grown such that I took more significant leadership roles and served as an officer of the team my last two years. This program has given me some of the greatest friendships, experiences, and challenges that have shaped me into the man I am today. This covers everything from enduring brutal Saturday morning winter workouts with my closest teammates, earning bet shirts from rowers who tower over me, and representing the team and university I love while racing internationally at the Royal Henley Regatta. As a coach, I want to enable and support this next generation of Purdue Crew athletes to have equally incredible experiences and opportunities that help them love this sport and team as much as I do. I know this won’t be an easy task but if there is anything this program has taught me, it’s that grit and enduring hard work can overcome any herculean challenge.

Beyond this semester, I look forward to pursuing my professional career as I search for engineering opportunities in the medical device industry. As I pursue my professional career, I hope that I can still find opportunities to keep rowing and Purdue Crew in my life.

Always sent with my best,
Coach Forrest Dipert