2021 Spring Dash on the Bash

              This past weekend, all four squads gathered together for a morning of competition and fun in a Spring “Dash on the Bash.” The novice and varsity squads were mixed together to form even lineups of men’s and women’s crews. The crews then competed against each other in a bracket-style event to determine the fastest shells on the men’s and women’s team. The winning teams were given boundless bragging rights as the “Dash Champions,” which is (arguably) one of the most important titles crew all year!

            Another very important competition amongst the crews happened off the water: the costume contest. Lineups were given out days in advance so that each team would have plenty of time to make or purchase their costumes. This year we had no shortage of laughs and creativity as members of the team slowly trickled into the boathouse at 8am on Saturday morning. The women’s crews took inspiration from crabs, Super Mario Brothers and Shark Week to form outstanding homemade costumes. The men, on the other hand, saw boats of people dressed as golfers, Italians, Hawaiian shirts, tennis players, bank robbers, and Hillbillies. Each crew was required to race in their chosen costume, so much care was taken to form a delicate balance between fashion and function. The winning costumes were the shark week team, with their coxswain, Bethany Lengacher, wearing a large, blue shark costume, and the Italians, wearing gold chains and carrying wooden spoons.

            The morning closed out with the annual coxswains race, the age-old spectacle that is sure to create more than a few laughs. The coxswains picked up an oar and the heaviest senior man and woman grabbed a headset in a two boat, 400-meter race. The much anticipated race did not disappoint this year, as non-competing athletes gathered on the dock to guess which coxswain would catch a crab, and which rower could steer the straighter course. After a very engaging race, the boat stroked by senior coxswain Rylee Jahn came out on top, winning over the other boat that was stroked by novice coxswain, Ryan Lakamp.

            At the end of the day, everyone had a smile on their face, with the entire team finally gathered in one place all together once gain. The Spring Dash on the Bash, will be a great memory of the 2020-2021 season.