Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment

As a 'Pay to Play' club sport, each Purdue Crew member pays $141/month, $550 for our spring training trip, and additional trip fees if they are chosen to race at certain special varsity travel regattas. These fees are in addition to our team fundraisers to help keep costs down such as our 3 Rent-A-Rowers, Row-A-Thon fundraiser, and Feast of the Hunters' Moon setup/cleanup fundraiser. All of this just so that each athlete has the opportunity to show up after a full day in the classroom to work exceptionally hard earning a seat to represent the defending Purdue Crew club rowing team national champions.

Our fundraising goal is to ensure the financial security of the Purdue Crew team, as well as lower the costs of participation on our athletes and make the Purdue Crew competitive club sport rowing experience financially accessible to ALL Purdue students, by focusing all fundraising on our endowments until we are fully endowed- which will happen when the total of all of our endowments reach $15 million. Your help is critical to get us to the finish line and each donation to support the Purdue Rowing Alumni Endowment is a gift that never ends.

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