Ways to Give

There are several ways to support the Purdue Crew team, many of which are listed and linked below. However, if you'd like to support the team or an individual rower another way, be it through a donation to the crew's scholarship fund that offsets crew costs for high need rowers, or you'd like to offset the high travel costs for an away regatta such as the San Diego Crew Classic or Henley Royal Regatta trip, or have something else in mind entirely, please contact Coach Walker and he can ensure that your support goes whichever path you choose. Thank you!

Purdue Day of Giving – April 26, 2023

Individual Donation – One Time or Recurring gift

Forever Naming Rights - Larger Donation to Forever Name a Piece of Rowing Equipment

Employer Matching : You may be able to increase the capacity of your gift. Please check to see if your employer will match your Purdue Crew gift.

Planned Legacy and Estate Gifts

For further information please contact:

Tom Smith <TRSmith@purdueforlife.org>
Director of Development
Student Life and Teaching & Learning
Purdue for Life Foundation

Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center
403 West Wood Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907
// m: 574-229-1683 // purdueforlife.org

In the video above, Craig Johnson '78, four year rower and Hovde Award Winner, explains the importance of our endowment fundraising efforts towards ensuring the financial future of the Purdue Crew team.

Other ways to help

By engaging with alumni and supporters, we can help them understand the impact of their donations and how they can contribute to the growth of Purdue Crew. Whether through social media campaigns, targeted email outreach, or personalized phone calls, we work to build relationships with potential donors and help them see the value of investing in Purdue Crew's future. With a strong network of individual donors, we can continue to support the team's success on and off the water, creating a legacy that will last for years to come.

Help us spread the word that Purdue Crew needs support. Share our message with your networks and former teammates and join us on campus for an alumni reunion event.

Links to share on your social networks:

Purdue Day of Giving – April 26, 2023

Support Purdue Crew – One Time or Recurring gift